Wednesday, October 12, 2011

from the sidelines to the field...

I have listened to him cry. I have watched him watch from the sideline. We have bought him cleats even though he never stepped on the field. I have listened to him tell me all he will do when he's allowed to play. Finally....the time is here. Avery can play soccer. It has been his dream from his brother's very first soccer game to play. He practically burst onto that field with the excitement of 20 five year old boys. No World Cup soccer player could match him in enthusiasm!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family Reunions...

YAY! I have been trying to upload this since we went to this reunion in September...but something was up with my photo uploader and I never could get it to, now on to all those other posts I had planned!!

You know as a kid, and maybe sometimes as an adult, when you heard you had to go to a family reunion, your attitude might not have been a good one. I guess my attitude as always been somewhat ambivilant about them...I mean you gotta eat right! For the most part they have always just envolved eating potluck with folks you see once a year. Like I said I'm ambivilant about them...but this year, my attitude has changed a little. This year for The McCormick Family Reunion (T's Dad's side of the family) we went to Chickasaw State Park. And for the record my favorite family reunion to date...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rediscovering my thankfulness

Since I evidently can't ever seem to make my Friday deadline I'll just do this on any day! There's never a wrong day to be thankful right...

22. A marriage/family relationship so strong that we all grieve when Daddy has to be gone
23. New school curriculum that brings out a new desire to learn
24. Hearing my children "sing" their bible memory verse
25. anticipating putting up my fall decorations...I Love the orange!
26. Maple Sugar Candles
27. Re-Reading my thankful list

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And Their Off...

Lap 1...note whose in the lead

Lap 2...leader change

Defensive driving at its best

determined to regain his lead

Yes she is yelling at him to not bump into her!

The Thrill of Victory...

The Agony of Defeat...

If you ask him what happened, how could his sister beat him...his answer would probably be
"I lost control of my go-cart just for a minute..."
BUT we know...she beat him fair and square!!

Rocky Start...

3 kids with little to no sleep = some problems

** Jack cut his finger while digging in the sand with a plastic, who knows? and constantly complained how the salt water hurt his hands

**Avery's swimmies + sand = raw underarms

**Elle-Catherine decided it would be a swell idea to collect her bathing suit! Which brought on lots of complaining and constant attempts to dig it out!

**Jack busted his nose on his new skim board causing it to bleed everywhere and a huge gust of wind came and blew the blood all over Terry

**The kids begged to go to the pool where it was at least 110 degrees

Yes, all this and much more happened on our very first day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Soul Searching....and a good friend!

Continuing on my journey to knowing who God wants me to be I come to the weekend I help my friend re-do her hair salon. Now, when you get married you expet to "inherit" certain things from your spouse--great in-laws (which I have), cool brother and sister-in-laws (got those too), and if your really blessed great nieces and nephews (have those!) but what I really never thought about aquiring was a good friend, who also happens to be the best hair styliest I've ever been too. But that's what I got. I got Michelle. Terry and Michelle enjoyed one of those very rare boy-girl friendships in high school that continue still today; in fact it is so funny to watch them interact because they are more like brother and sister in how they bicker. When Michelle decided to go out on her own with her own salon a year or so ago, Terry and I where there to help her in deorating her new space. Then this year she looked at me and said I need a change, so, I gave her one! I think I made her happy...I hope! Here's the results!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Joyful Friday's....Part 5

18. buying school supplies
19. knowing fall is just around the corner
20. hearing my little boy read...(even when he doesn't want to)
21. the joy on their faces when they "get it" during school

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Soul Searching and Sweet Baby Lydia's Party...Part 1

This summer I've been doing some soul searching (scary I know), to see what and who I should be. The obvious answer, of course, is who God wants me to be but I mean more than that, or maybe what does that really mean. I'm not a doctor (the mere thought of blood makes me sick...yuck)...I'm not a scientist who will discover the cure for a major disease (again, the blood issue)...I'm not a financier to solve the country's money problems (hate math!), what am I? This is a question for some reason that has plagued me this summer. I wonder, am I the only one who asks themselves this sort of crazy question? Well, like He often does, God has answered this for me over this past month; He has answered it in a way that I never expected. The answer revolved around four consecutive weekends full of fun work for different things. I discovered that I like to make people happy; corny I know, sappy yes, but also none the less true. I like to make people smile by making things pretty. God, I believe, has gifted me with the strange ability to look at something find some way to make that something pretty and at the same time make someone happy (I hope) with it. How did I come to this realization, you ask? Well it all started with baby Lydia's first party!

Our sweet dear friends, the Kelley's, are expecting their first bundle of Joy, a baby girl named Lydia. It was my pleasure to plan Amy's baby shower that our church gave to her. It was so much fun as I thought about how much Amy's new mommy's heart would be touched and excited as she experienced this first shower. So, I poured my heart and soul into making it pretty, fun and memorable to Amy. That's when I knew, if work like this, that will benefit someone else still makes me happy, it has to be God's calling for my life. I know it's not like solving the worlds problems, it's not feeding the hungry, it's not saving lives, but if I can put one smile on some one's face and bring them joy isn't this a good thing? I hope so!

So, with the help of some vintage china from my Mom (thanks Mom), we set out to create a beautiful non-traditional Tea Party baby shower...I think she liked it!!

Merry Berry's Coconut Wave defies  description how great it was!

Tea at a Tea Party is a must!

My great-grandmother's shoes!

The non-traditional corsage for our non-traditional shower!

The Food! Now, I didn't make all this. Cooking I'm still working on!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Joyful Friday...Part 4

14. Fourteen great years with my sweet husband
15. All 10 of my sweet nieces and nephews and the privilage of watching them grow up
16. The look of absolute excitement and delight on the faces of our children when they found out about our upcoming beach trip
17. The smell of Pine Sol

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Not Our Normal Anniversary...

Usually around this time of year Terry and I are making plans for a little weekend get-away to celebrate our marriage with a little alone time. I think it's important to keep your marriage new and fresh, with kids it's easy to forget that in the end they will leave and it will be just you and your mate. So, Terry and I work hard on our marriage, and as a result it's a great one. However, this year is a little different, we have a bit of a surprise in store for our little family. I can't tell yet because our kids don't know and Elle-Catherine reads this blog...but more to come one this topic. Happy 14th Anniversary...oh by the way...T and I have this little game going to see who wins each year at saying "Happy Anniversary" first...I won this year!!!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Joyful Fridays...Part 3

It's Monday Kirstie...Yes, I know, but the reason why I'm late posting this is a joyful one. I was joyfully helping a good friend with her hair salon redo over the weekend (I'll post about that later!), and I couldn't post on Friday.

         14. I'm proud and excited when I get to use the gifts God has given me to help out a dear friend!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Joyful Fridays...week 2!

Psalm 32:11 Be glad I the LORD, and rejoice, O righteous, and shout for joy, all you upright in heart

Things that make me joyful…

 8. Having a truly great husband who will take his family out to eat and shopping even though he was so tired

 9. Rearranging my living room at midnight

10. Success, thanks to God, in a recent endeavor

11. A re-purposed dining room table—it still needs some work but it will be fabulous when finished...And it was free!!

12.Hearing my baby tell his big Sis, “You’re the best Sis in the world.”

13. Being a Mom

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Midnight What are You Doing?

The answer to that, for me, varies from time to time, and could include anything from sleeping (which is I know what normal people do), reading (which is most likely the case!), or watching TV. Yet, this past Friday was an off night for me. I normally have absolutely no trouble falling asleep but this night I did. Terry, bless his poor heart, was exhausted and was out like a light. The kids, thankfully, were all asleep. So, what's a girl to do at midnight wide awake? Well, rearrange her living room of course. I LOVE to rearrange my living room; I know that most people don't do this, most people find an arrangement that suits them and has no problems with it staying like that forever. Me, I can't stand it; it's almost like claustrophobia for me, to have to keep my living/dinning room exactly the same way day in day out. I suppose it comes from growing up with a mom who did the same thing. Our living room at home never stayed the same, and as a child I would always rearrange my bedroom. I think it makes everything look new again, and is a way to keep your furniture fresh and exciting. It also helps get rid of the dust bunnies that collect under the couches and chairs! So, there you have it on midnight July 15, 2011, or would that be July 16, 2011, I was rearranging our living room. On a side note, when Terry left for work the next morning, he never even noticed!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

What Bring's Us Joy?

Joyful Fridays
James 1:17 Every good and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

I read a blog yesterday about a gal who is reading a book that is totally changing how she looks at joy in her life. She went on to list several things that brought her joy. I was convicted as soon as I read that post. How often do we allow any and everything to steal our joy? How often do we focus on the big picture and miss the little things God intends to bring us joy? I believe without any doubt in my heart and mind that God is the giver of joy and good things, without Him there would be only heartache. Yet, do I always notice it…no, would be the answer to that question unfortunately. I also believe that joy comes despite circumstances and peace can be found in the midst of trial and hurt. How? Well, it may be due in some part to our being deliberate in seeing the joy in our lives.

So as something new I’m excited to do, every Friday I’m going to list a few things that brought me joy that week…here’s my list for this week!

1.  I’ve tried several new foods this week and I liked many of them—normally I avoid trying new food!

2.  I had an Impromptu date night with my husband

3.  The happiness on our children’s’ faces as they saw their “new” school desks

4.  I got a new dress

5.  The happiness on my parents’ faces as they took our children to a rodeo

6.  The look on our children’s faces when they got back from that rodeo

7.  Picking blueberries at my Aunt and Uncles house…also a first!

  What are some things that have brought you joy this week?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mr. Determination

One of the best things about being a parent is watching the personalities of your children blossom.  Watching them develop those little parts of themselves that make them who they are. When you first look at your sweet babies face in the hospital you really have no idea the people they will become. It's so exciting, and really a gift from God, that you can see it developing. Avery is four; and it's a great age for this. He is constantly surprising us, this little boy we see blossoming from the baby he has been. One of his personality quirks that I love most about him is his determination: both in what he will do and how he will do it. You almost cannot convince him to do something he doesn't want to do. Here I'm not really talking about discipline issues with Avery there's not a whole lot of those. What I'm really talking about is...everything else!! For example, last year he absolutly would not get in the pool, no way no how, no matter how much we tried to convince him, no matter how many times we tried to hold him in the pool; he refused to get in. So, he spent last summer playing on the deck and was happy to do so. This year however was a different story. From our first swim he tells us he is going to get in the pool, and he does. Then several weeks later he tells us he's ready to jump, and he does, right in the pool. I love this about Avery once he is determined to do something he does; he is commited. Yet, at the same time you can't get him to commit to something he is not ready to do. I can imagine that this will be a great personality trait as he gets older...even if it's a little bit frustrating for us!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wild Weekend...Part 2

I read a great gal's blog, (you can read hers HERE) and she always does posts in parts, and I've always wanted to do it too!

I love the fact that our children have grown up with FOM in the background of their lives. For those who may not know, this is a bass fishing organization that Terry is heavily involved in. Technically it's called, Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail. As the name implies, we are as interested in reaching these fishermen with the gospel as well as putting on great fishing tournaments. I find it ironic that "I" know so much about bass fishing, or rather the tournament side of it, but Terry has been involved with them for 10 years. Our children have grown up going to tournaments and tournament meetings. We have had the privilege of meeting and being involved with hundreds of great people!

The other part of our wild weekend revolved around the FOM Legacy National Tourney. The Legacy division of FOM is the Adult/Junior division. This is where an adult and a child up to 18 can fish in two tournaments a year, and also compete in the national tourney with a chance to win a Skeeter boat (trust me this is a big deal!). These tournaments are held all over the southern US, and have also been lots of fun to go to. This one was held in Florence, AL. Although it was HOT, I mean blistering, we had fun!

Don't let her fool you...even she loves tournaments!! And yes this is my only picture of her because she found a friend and I hardly saw her anymore that day!

Future Legacy Fishermen!

He was so tired!