Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mouthwash and Nostalgia...

Last Sunday the family was grocery shopping after watching Toy Story 3...well, we hit the clearance section, and boy did we ever grab some really cool things. One of those things was a bottle of Scope moth wash. It was very cheap (as you can see from the price tag) so I decided to get it. I haven't had Scope mouth wash in many many years. I remember being a kid and going to Mamaw Ward's for sleepovers (she lived right next door) and she always had Scope mouth wash. I remember packing my red suitcase; it was one of those hard kind more like a toiletries case or an overnight case. It had a baby blue liner with a small mirror on the top. I loved that suitcase, and of course my grandmother. When we got home that night, I used some of my newly purchased mouthwash and the moment it hit my mouth the memories came flooding back!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Future Site of...

Gilchrist Road Elementary School...

Yes, as of school year 2010-2011 the McCormick's will be a homeschooling family. Wow, that was both very difficult to write while at the same time a heavy weight off my shoulders. I have been battling with this decision for almost a year. It has been very much a spiritual battle. I have feuded with my flesh, my fear, and my God's direction for our family. I have tried to deny that this is what God wanted for our family. I am ashamed to admit that God had to get my attention through situations with my children. I have at times battled my desire to be obedient and my fear of other's reactions. I have had to confront attitudes within myself that I thought were long gone. I have grown. Notice that for the majority of this post I've dealt with "my issues" this is because Terry had none; he has always been very supportive of this idea. So, am I excited, yes...am I nervous, YES! This is such an important task I'm giving myself, or that God is entrusting me with. This is my children's education. How long will we homeschool? I'm not sure; they will at sometime re-enter traditional school, possibly for high-school but that's many years down the road. I want to make a note here; we came to this decision NOT because we didn't like our experience at AES. I love that school; our family had great times there. This decision is ONLY because God called us to do it.

So, sometime around mid to end July (still working on my schedule!) my two oldest babies and myself will march up these steps to begin an exciting new chapter of our lives. I now can see why God chose to grow me in the areas He has this past year. Without that growth I would NEVER be able to accomplish this task. I can see that each step brought me here; and I can assure you that I NEVER thought this is where I'd end up.

"The heart of man plans his way; but the lord establishes his steps" Proverbs 16:9

Friday, June 04, 2010

A Sweet Moment...at a Ball Game!

When I was growing up, I went everywhere with my cousin and her family. I mean everywhere the beach every year, the river (they taught me to ski when I was 5 years old), New Orleans, camping (yes, there was a time when I went camping). They were like a second family to me. Well tonight, Margaret, my cousin, came to Jackson's ball-game to watch her grandson Ty (yes, this family was Benjie's) and Jackson play ball. As we were setting up our chairs, Margaret came over to me and says..."Kirstie I have something I want to give you...(she hands me a ring)...this was my great-grandmothers...Margaret tells me how her Mom wore it all her life...Margaret wore it for many years, now here she was giving it to me. I was the first girl born in 24 years for my family. I almost cried right there behind home-plate. Thanks Margaret...I will treasure it always. One day I'll give it to Elle-Catherine...maybe on her wedding day??

My Very First...For Real ($)...Photo Shoot

I was HOT...I was SWEATING, of course that goes without saying...my HAIR WAS GETTING FRIZZY, I was SHAKING, I was SICK AT MY STOMACH. What you might be asking would induce such a reaction in this so non-emotional person (HeHeHe!!)? Little League Pictures...yep, I was reduced to a mass of sweaty, hot, nervousness by 12 Little Leaguers. Well, it was more the thought that I had this one chance to get a cute pic of all of them in their little uniforms both individually and in a group! AND I have to do it all over again in a little bit for another team....the one thing I learned, it's sooo much more better doing it for free and for just the fun of it!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Our Vacation...One big question!

For reasons that are WaY too long to go into here, this years family vacation is a BIG one. But BP and their oil spill has sort of took the fun out of it. So, now we are left with the question of where to go?? Any ideas because I'm out of them!