Friday, June 04, 2010

A Sweet a Ball Game!

When I was growing up, I went everywhere with my cousin and her family. I mean everywhere the beach every year, the river (they taught me to ski when I was 5 years old), New Orleans, camping (yes, there was a time when I went camping). They were like a second family to me. Well tonight, Margaret, my cousin, came to Jackson's ball-game to watch her grandson Ty (yes, this family was Benjie's) and Jackson play ball. As we were setting up our chairs, Margaret came over to me and says..."Kirstie I have something I want to give you...(she hands me a ring)...this was my great-grandmothers...Margaret tells me how her Mom wore it all her life...Margaret wore it for many years, now here she was giving it to me. I was the first girl born in 24 years for my family. I almost cried right there behind home-plate. Thanks Margaret...I will treasure it always. One day I'll give it to Elle-Catherine...maybe on her wedding day??

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  1. How precious! I am so glad your cousin did that for you--
    love christy