Thursday, August 11, 2011

Soul Searching and Sweet Baby Lydia's Party...Part 1

This summer I've been doing some soul searching (scary I know), to see what and who I should be. The obvious answer, of course, is who God wants me to be but I mean more than that, or maybe what does that really mean. I'm not a doctor (the mere thought of blood makes me sick...yuck)...I'm not a scientist who will discover the cure for a major disease (again, the blood issue)...I'm not a financier to solve the country's money problems (hate math!), what am I? This is a question for some reason that has plagued me this summer. I wonder, am I the only one who asks themselves this sort of crazy question? Well, like He often does, God has answered this for me over this past month; He has answered it in a way that I never expected. The answer revolved around four consecutive weekends full of fun work for different things. I discovered that I like to make people happy; corny I know, sappy yes, but also none the less true. I like to make people smile by making things pretty. God, I believe, has gifted me with the strange ability to look at something find some way to make that something pretty and at the same time make someone happy (I hope) with it. How did I come to this realization, you ask? Well it all started with baby Lydia's first party!

Our sweet dear friends, the Kelley's, are expecting their first bundle of Joy, a baby girl named Lydia. It was my pleasure to plan Amy's baby shower that our church gave to her. It was so much fun as I thought about how much Amy's new mommy's heart would be touched and excited as she experienced this first shower. So, I poured my heart and soul into making it pretty, fun and memorable to Amy. That's when I knew, if work like this, that will benefit someone else still makes me happy, it has to be God's calling for my life. I know it's not like solving the worlds problems, it's not feeding the hungry, it's not saving lives, but if I can put one smile on some one's face and bring them joy isn't this a good thing? I hope so!

So, with the help of some vintage china from my Mom (thanks Mom), we set out to create a beautiful non-traditional Tea Party baby shower...I think she liked it!!

Merry Berry's Coconut Wave defies  description how great it was!

Tea at a Tea Party is a must!

My great-grandmother's shoes!

The non-traditional corsage for our non-traditional shower!

The Food! Now, I didn't make all this. Cooking I'm still working on!

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