Thursday, July 30, 2009

Elle-Catherine's first day at work...

Owning your own business is many things: it's hard, it's liberating, it's stressful, it's fun. However, for our children it's something totally different. Owning your own business can mean one thing: going to work with Daddy!! Now, Jackson has availed himself of this privilege many, many times but for Elle-Catherine she hasn't been before now. She loved it; she had a ball. When Jackson found out she was going with him he was excited and told her..."Great, Now I can introduce you to my women!". Yes...he's 5. I'm a little bit worried. What a great Daddy my children have!


  1. Mom and dad said she was dirty as a pig. Of course that was hard to believe. Glad she had fun. Those are the moments I treasure and look back on often, going to work with MY DADDY when I was little. One day she too will treasure those memories!

  2. Absolutley hilarious re: both kiddos!! They are precious.