Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grandfathers and Good-byes

For our family this has been a very hard week...we had to say good-bye to Terry's last remaining grandfather, Papaw. Some parts of it were very difficult, some very sad, and some very sweet and fun. My heart broke as I watched my baby girl cry her heart out at the private family viewing; "She was so sad for her Daddy". However, in the midst of that sadness there was great joy and fun. We got to spend some time with "The McCormick Clan from Florida" and the sweet Kennis family. I was so amazed as I listened to Tommy, Terry's brother, give a wonderful eulogy for their grandfather. Also, I was once again reminded at how close God holds us in His hand this week. Had God not intervened Tom and his wife would have been in China on a mission trip and Terry and I and our children would have been on vacation at the beach. God worked it out that neither of us were gone allowing us to be available for our family. Mamaw and Papaw McCormick had a marriage that lasted 66 years may God bless us the same.

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