Saturday, October 10, 2009

A funny rash and a chocolate party!!

Elle-Catherine woke up Friday morning with a weird rash that was a result of some crazy virus she had had. In her class, they had been reading "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", since they had finished it their treat was a Chocolate Party. My little girl was sad that she was missing her party. Well, I was having none of is our version of "Charlie's Chocolate Party"!


  1. How sweet!! That's what I'm talking about Kirstie!!!!!--using your creativity and gifts to teach her!! See, there is so much within you --God has specifically made you like He has to fulfill all He asks you to do--specifically being a wife and mom(those two little words encompass so much, don't they??)
    Tell Elle Catherine I hope she feels better soon. By the way, I love the pic of EC and Avey--precious.
    Love you and miss you christy

  2. Love the new picture of EC and Avery!