Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Girl...

I've learned something about Elle-Catherine that I was happily surprised to discover. Last year she asked me to play soccer; well, when the time came to sign up she still wanted to play. We explained that no matter what, if she loved it or hated it she HAD to finish the season. As it turns out she doesn't really like it too much. In fact, she says that she will not play again next year (although, I hope that changes.) BUT...and this is the good part. She hasn't not once complained about not wanting to play or go to practice. Each time she puts on her gear and goes but never has even asked to quit. I proud that she knew that quiting was not an option!! I'm so proud of her. She isn't the best or most aggressive player on the team but she tries. Each game she becomes more sure of herself and I'm proud of those accomplishments because they don't come easy to her.

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  1. Kirstie
    Please tell EC that I am really proud of her sticking to her commitment. She is a beautiful girl inside and out.
    Love christy