Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Poor, Sweet Baby

This was my post on facebook it explains it all so I'll just add it here:
Avery + Entertainment Center Corner = 1 Deep cut on the forehead,1 trip to Jackson, 1 traumatic failed attempt at stitches, 1 Plastic Surgeon, 1 Operation to repair deep laceration, 1 VERY Stressed Mommy and Daddy.

He now has 6 or so stitches in his forehead...he is doing great now....me well, God saw me through it....Sorry Jenn. but I had to post the pics!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Private Art Gallery

One boring Saturday I was surprised by my little artist...Elle-Catherine...she gave me a tour through my own private art gallery full of masterpieces done by her! I love that girl!

Our Mexican Birthday Party

One of Terry's and Nick's employee's graciously invited our families to his daughter's one year birthday party. What they called a party would by most American families be referred to as a celebration. The family was so sweet and hospitable and the food was good...but there is more to that story that I'll tell if you ask but I'm not printing it! We had loads of fun and our children loved the pinata, boy do they know how to do a pinata! It was an interesting experience to be the only white people in a room puts a new perspective on life!