Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Poor, Sweet Baby

This was my post on facebook it explains it all so I'll just add it here:
Avery + Entertainment Center Corner = 1 Deep cut on the forehead,1 trip to Jackson, 1 traumatic failed attempt at stitches, 1 Plastic Surgeon, 1 Operation to repair deep laceration, 1 VERY Stressed Mommy and Daddy.

He now has 6 or so stitches in his forehead...he is doing great now....me well, God saw me through it....Sorry Jenn. but I had to post the pics!!


  1. Thanks! I knew what was coming so I just focused on the cute picture with his sunglasses on! He looks like such a big boy in that picture! Love sweet AA! Jen

  2. Give Ave Ave hugs and kisses from us. Bless his little heart!
    Love and miss you guys,