Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jackson's Kindergarten Graduation...

Well, I cried...yep, teared up right there on the bottom bleacher. On my other experience with a kindergarten graduation I cried then too. I can make it pretty good on the first day of school, but put me in a graduation situation and I get teary. He, of course, did fine...hated his outfit but what else in new. Now he's a first grader!

Getting his diploma...

Mrs. Danna he says "she's my favorite teacher!"...we'll see how well he likes his next years teacher.


  1. How sweet! I would have cried too. He looked so cute, even if he didn't like his outfit. :o)

  2. Oh my goodness Kirstie--what sweet sweet pictures--It's amazing to me that in all of Jackson's pics, his "bigger than life" personality comes through.

    For some reason, he really looks so grown up to me in these pics.

    I love the one of Terry and the boys too---precious

    Re: your thoughts on whether or not he will like his teacher next year----my bet is that she will be his all time #1!!!! So excited for you guys!!!

    (Seems like yesterday you were discussing whether to put him in Kdgn or not this past year--wow the time flies. )

    Sweet how God lets the deep passion we have for our children come up to the surface and overwhelm us at times. I know you must have been overwhelmed watching him graduate!!

    I am happy his year went well!! please tell him we are so proud of him.

    Much love
    p.s. anna cate graduates next week at the beach with my parents (we are taking her cap and gown to the beach--funny huh?)