Thursday, June 21, 2012

Would I if I could?

Recently, I've been asking myself this question, "If I could stop every hurt, everything painful from happening in my children's lives, would I?" On the one side that's a very easy answer, "YES". I want to keep them from painful experiences. Yet, on the other side, do I? I know from my own life that it's only in the hard times that I grow; that I become more the woman God wants me to be. Could I want anything less for my children? No, of course I want them all to grow up to become strong men and women of God, but can they do that without the pain. Growth requires pain. I know this. Everyone knows this. Yet, there is a small part of my "Mommy's Heart" that wants to shield my children from this pain. I want to fight their battles. But am I called to. Or am I called to teach them how to fight their battles? Or am I called to give them the tools to live lives that honor and glorify God? How can they ever learn these important lessons unless they suffer some hurt? Unfortunately, they can't...

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  1. Kirstie,
    I'm with you on this--it is heart-wrenching to see them hurting-- what a comfort to know God is using every moment, every heartache to help us teach them how to trust Him.
    You are an amazing mother because you keep pointing them to Jesus--