Tuesday, June 19, 2012


That's the thing about beginnings...their new. By definition it is "the point or space that anythings begins." These beginnings can be good, they can be sad, they can be exciting, they can even make you angry; yet, whatever the case may be, they are new. I have always been one to like beginnings; I have always looked upon them as a way to start over and do better. I have succeded sometimes in this and sometimes I have failed, but it has always been an adventure. Recently,  our lives have been one new beginning after another. Truthfully some of those beginnings have been good, some have been wonderful, and one a little eye opening. But they have all been new. Beginnings are also God's way of leading you down paths you might never have seen coming or might never have chosen if left up to your own choosing. Those are the best beginnings; I think. The ones that take you to places beyond your imaginings.

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