Friday, February 22, 2013

If I asked you a question...

So, I'm curious. What's your winter routine? I mean for example  (and since we live in Tennessee this is highly possible)...what would you do if on a freaky day in early March the temperature hits 71, could you like say slip on a fav pair of flip-flops and head to town? Or would your response be something more to the effect of "NO FREAKING WAY AM I LETTING ANYONE SEE THESE TOES," just maybe those said toes might have the remnants of last summer's polish! Is this you...?

Let's say on that same wonderfully sunny day in March your toes are ok, maybe bare of polish but that's alright, could you bring your favorite pair of skinny jean capris out from the back of your closet? Or would your response be "NO WAY AMD I LETTING ANYONE SEE THE HAIRS ON MY LEGS" just maybe it's been a while since your last shave! Is this you...?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, no worries, it's ok. You are like millions of other women who seem to put off these things in the winter in favor of the 1,000's of other more pressing things we have to do. I have been thinking a lot about this lately, for some wild reason. Maybe you hate to do either of the above, shaving and painting your nails, that's ok if you do, sad but ok. However if you enjoy doing them, if these and other beauty regimens bring you happiness, don't we owe it to ourselves to do them. 

Being a Mom of three, I know that there are priorities that we must fulfill; we MUST constantly put others before ourselves. Not only is that just right, it's biblical too. That being said I also firmly believe that we must also take care of our-"selfs" to! We must do things that will lift us up when we are down; we should do things that will make us smile. Whatever that may be? If it's little beauty regimens why not do them? Why insist on taking the winter off, so to speak?

I don't know what might make you smile, but you do. So do it. I promise you will be a better Mom and wife because of it (just don't spend hours daily soaking in the tub!!).

On a side note...if it has been a while since your last shave. Get to it. I'm satisfied that your hubby would appreciate it; 'cause who wants to snuggle with Chewbacca :) 

Friday, February 15, 2013

FINALLY...we have one!

I was in the 6th or 7th grade, I can't remember exactly, when I noticed him for the first time. He was so, just so, great...tall, blond haired, blue-eyed. Oh he was a hot looking thing with that mullet (don't judge it was the 80's). I remember being tongued tied; I probably didn't say 2 words to him I was so shy, but boy did I ever have the biggest crush on him. 

I had no idea at that point in my life that God was introducing me to my Prince Charming. I had no idea that about 10 years later I would walk down an aisle in a beautiful white dress to meet him in that church. I had no idea that we would have three of the best kids ever together. He is just as hot now as he was then (with better hair)...but in all our time together there is one thing we have never had...yep, one things been missing. 

What your asking could be missing from this modern day fairytale? A song, that's what...we've never had a song, which is odd because both Terry and I love music (we aren't very musical ourselves, but we love to listen to it) so, I would have assumed that we would have a song. But nope...we don't.

That is until now. I FINALLY found our song. It's perfect. If I could go back to August 2, 1997 we would dance to it at our wedding. 

This seems like an unimportant thing, finding your song, after you've been happily married for 15 years, but it's not. Anything that causes you to focus on your marriage, and remind you why you pledged your life to another person is a good thing. As I've discovered having a "song" causes you to think, reflect, and love on your man every time you hear it. 

I know your asking me, silently begging me even, to tell you what our song is...well, ok, I will! 

It's James Morrison's "You Make It Real" says what our love means to each other. So, if your married, or engaged and you don't have a song, find one that epitomizes what your love for each other means, and if you have a song already listen to it; I promise it spices things up!!

So, I'm curious to know if anyone else has a song! If you do, tell us what it is!

life interrupts...

I was on such a role with my blog posts! I was having a blast ( I really do love writing this blog)! I was constantly thinking of new things to tell you guys about...then...WHAM!! Life happened, don't you hate when that happens!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

it's the final countdown...

In approximately 54 days, on March 31, 2013 the opening day of Major League Baseball hits. Not being very athletic myself; well, not at all actually it comes as a surprise to me how much I love baseball. Two sports rule The McCormick house, College Football (Geaux Tigers, at least for me) and Major League Baseball (St. Louis Cardinals for all of us).  

In approximately 54 days, I will hear "Got 'em" (in that Kevin Millar from the MLB Network voice) from the three guys in my life. They will scream, they will cheer, and soon they will head to the batting cage out back to hit balls. It warms my heart to see them all piled up in the leather chair, all three of them, watching TV. It warms my heart, to see them all three out back. To watch Terry pass on his love of baseball to our sons. Maybe that is part of why I love baseball so much. Well some of it...mostly I just really love the game. Yes, strange as is it to say!

Now Elle-Catherine, she's an entirely different story. Her love of baseball is so small you would need a microscope to find it. She HATES it. It's hot. It's long. It interrupts her TV time both because of the before- mentioned MLB TV watching and all the baseball practices and games she is forced to attend...and if you don't believe me just ask her she will tell ya...

Friday, February 01, 2013

everybody's got one...

I'm a people watcher **not a very good one according to my sweet hubby, and he's probably right, but don't tell him** but anyway I like to watch people; well actually I just like people in general I like to talk to them (surprising I know), I like meeting them and learning about their lives. 

So, back to what I actually meant for this post to be about...

I read this quote on Pinterest today, "Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it". I was struck with how true this is. I have heard many a gal say how they just don't have any style or maybe they just get in a funk of wearing the same thing over and over. The fact is we as women all have a style; yep, "everybody's got one". It just may be hidden under a lot of everyday responsibilities we all as women have too. 

Now not to say that everyone has to LOVE "Fashion" as much as some (achemmmmm... me!!) but we can all find a "Style" that suits us and makes us feel good about ourselves. No matter what we may tell ourselves to the contrary our clothes can make us feel good or not so good about us. How many times have we actually gotten dressed and purposely not looked in the mirror because we didn't want to see ourselves? Many I'm included.

But I don't think it has to be like that. Having a style is NOT dependent on what you weigh wether it's what you want to weigh or not. Having a style is wearing what makes you feel good on the inside. I heard a story about a lady who wasn't real good at putting outfits together but she knew what she liked. So, she kept a "file" of outfits and randomly choose things that matched her "file" to wear. Sort of like my dream wardrobe on Pinterest and yes, I have prepared outfits to match my "fashion/make-up" board on Pinterest. They are some of my favorites!

So that's what has been brewing in my head all day...yeah, it's been a slow day here! Oh well anyone have any thoughts on this...

BTW I also read this quote today too "I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day"; I admit that this is a thought I have had once upon a time...but really do we ever have insignificant day's!!