Friday, February 22, 2013

If I asked you a question...

So, I'm curious. What's your winter routine? I mean for example  (and since we live in Tennessee this is highly possible)...what would you do if on a freaky day in early March the temperature hits 71, could you like say slip on a fav pair of flip-flops and head to town? Or would your response be something more to the effect of "NO FREAKING WAY AM I LETTING ANYONE SEE THESE TOES," just maybe those said toes might have the remnants of last summer's polish! Is this you...?

Let's say on that same wonderfully sunny day in March your toes are ok, maybe bare of polish but that's alright, could you bring your favorite pair of skinny jean capris out from the back of your closet? Or would your response be "NO WAY AMD I LETTING ANYONE SEE THE HAIRS ON MY LEGS" just maybe it's been a while since your last shave! Is this you...?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, no worries, it's ok. You are like millions of other women who seem to put off these things in the winter in favor of the 1,000's of other more pressing things we have to do. I have been thinking a lot about this lately, for some wild reason. Maybe you hate to do either of the above, shaving and painting your nails, that's ok if you do, sad but ok. However if you enjoy doing them, if these and other beauty regimens bring you happiness, don't we owe it to ourselves to do them. 

Being a Mom of three, I know that there are priorities that we must fulfill; we MUST constantly put others before ourselves. Not only is that just right, it's biblical too. That being said I also firmly believe that we must also take care of our-"selfs" to! We must do things that will lift us up when we are down; we should do things that will make us smile. Whatever that may be? If it's little beauty regimens why not do them? Why insist on taking the winter off, so to speak?

I don't know what might make you smile, but you do. So do it. I promise you will be a better Mom and wife because of it (just don't spend hours daily soaking in the tub!!).

On a side note...if it has been a while since your last shave. Get to it. I'm satisfied that your hubby would appreciate it; 'cause who wants to snuggle with Chewbacca :) 

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