Friday, April 05, 2013

what do our lives say about us?

I never met this lady, Julie Askew Thompson. I wish I had. I have had the privilege to hear her sing on a few occasions, and let me assure you it was a privilege, the gal could sing. She died Tuesday, very unexpectedly. She was 36 years old, and she leaves five beautiful children and a grieving husband, along with a host of friends who loved her. I very much wish I could have said that this woman was my friend just on the basis of what everyone says about her. If you can live a life that can impact someone whose never met you and make that person sad because they won't ever get to, wow. God's word tells us that "All things work to the good of those who love him..." all things, not just the good things but all things even the hard things, the hurtful things, the sad things. Even the death of this sweet lady. Her testimony is an amazing one. By the acts of her life we know that she loved God; she served Him, she raised her children to love Him, she worshiped Him in song. What will our lives say about us? Could we, like Julie, make people sad that they will never get to meet us after we are gone? I hope so...

Listen as she sings this song...I can only imagine that she is singing it today in glory!

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