Saturday, February 02, 2013

it's the final countdown...

In approximately 54 days, on March 31, 2013 the opening day of Major League Baseball hits. Not being very athletic myself; well, not at all actually it comes as a surprise to me how much I love baseball. Two sports rule The McCormick house, College Football (Geaux Tigers, at least for me) and Major League Baseball (St. Louis Cardinals for all of us).  

In approximately 54 days, I will hear "Got 'em" (in that Kevin Millar from the MLB Network voice) from the three guys in my life. They will scream, they will cheer, and soon they will head to the batting cage out back to hit balls. It warms my heart to see them all piled up in the leather chair, all three of them, watching TV. It warms my heart, to see them all three out back. To watch Terry pass on his love of baseball to our sons. Maybe that is part of why I love baseball so much. Well some of it...mostly I just really love the game. Yes, strange as is it to say!

Now Elle-Catherine, she's an entirely different story. Her love of baseball is so small you would need a microscope to find it. She HATES it. It's hot. It's long. It interrupts her TV time both because of the before- mentioned MLB TV watching and all the baseball practices and games she is forced to attend...and if you don't believe me just ask her she will tell ya...

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