Friday, February 12, 2010

Our New Family Tradition...

I LOVE Birthdays...I mean it's one day that gets to be all about YOU! To me they are special and I try real hard to make them special for our children. So, here is the new McCormick family birthday tradition. What is it? Well I strung all the birthday cards (well, most of them) that we have gotten over the years into garland, tied two bows, added a sign and...Voila! new tradition. If it's your birthday month, you get the banner hung in your honor! I hope my children will look back on this and say "I had the coolest Mom!"


  1. Good idea but mine would want a "surprise" everyday! I really like the picture hanging above the fireplace! I know, its the tv, fortunatly it was not on a bad commerical! JK

  2. great tradition!!! my mother has always been just like that about her birthday!!!b