Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jackson's First Day of Kindergarten

Jackson had a wonderful time; he really enjoyed himself and was such a big boy. When his teacher, Ms. Danna, called his name he lined up and walked out with his hands in his pockets. I'll never forget that sight. This is really no surprise to me; he as always been very independent wanting to do it all himself. However, he loves to give hugs. When I picked him up and we got in the car, this was our conversation:

"Mom, you didn't put my lunch money in my bag. My teacher couldn't find it; you've got to put it in the bag."
Me: "Jackson, I told you I put money into your account at school"
Jack: "Mom, I don't know where my 'count is. My 'count isn't anywhere in my back pack!"

I love my sweet, sweet baby boy! And part of me misses that towhead little toddler he used to be.

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  1. That handsome boy just keeps the funnies comin'! Precious! Glad he enjoyed his first day.
    Love christy