Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Mexican Birthday Party

One of Terry's and Nick's employee's graciously invited our families to his daughter's one year birthday party. What they called a party would by most American families be referred to as a celebration. The family was so sweet and hospitable and the food was good...but there is more to that story that I'll tell if you ask but I'm not printing it! We had loads of fun and our children loved the pinata, boy do they know how to do a pinata! It was an interesting experience to be the only white people in a room puts a new perspective on life!

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  1. Yeah!! I love your blog udpates---although I read these awhile back, I am now taking the time to write....

    Sweet pics of Jack Jack and Elle Catherine. I really can't believe how even more EC is changing and growing up!!!

    We really miss you five!
    love christy