Monday, January 11, 2010


Recently I heard this statement, the speaker was quoting someone but I forgot to write down his is the quote, "We should be assaulting the throne of God with his promises." Wow...the speaker went on to ask are we stifling or limiting the power of God in our life due to our unbelief. Of course, not discounting the sovereignty of God, but that we as humans have a degree of responsibility. We are commanded in scripture to pray and fast. How much do we do this or if we do is it a casual prayer or a desperate one? I have a prayer request that is near and dear to me; I desperately want this to happen, so as I was listening to the speaker I felt God's pull on my heart. If this request is important is it worth my giving up something in order to fast and devote my time in prayer?

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  1. Wow Kirstie-thanks for the thoughts-really causes me to stop and re-evaluate a lot.
    Love christy