Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow days!

What fun snow days are...Elle-Catherine asked me if I liked snow when I was a kid? I did...who doesn't like getting out and looking at the wonder of God's creation painted white. I immediately thought of picking ice cycles off of my grandmother's house, I loved doing that. But, however great those memories are, I enjoy watching the wonder and amazement on the faces of my children so much more! They had lots of fun. I'm not sure if I'll get the best Mommy award because I let Avery go out in the snow while sick and on antibiotics...but, it only snows a few times here!


  1. Better than me! Everyone went out but Gateon and me! It was way too cold and Gateon gets cold easily. He did not ask to go play in it and I was happy! He likes looking at the snow through the door though. The others had a blast!

  2. Such sweet babies!!!
    Please tell them we miss them and love them a lot. Isabelly asked two days ago--"where is Avery?"
    I love the one of all three of them in front of the tree--you are really perfecting the art of picture taking--ex: capturing the snow as it falls--great!
    love you christy