Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Future Site of...

Gilchrist Road Elementary School...

Yes, as of school year 2010-2011 the McCormick's will be a homeschooling family. Wow, that was both very difficult to write while at the same time a heavy weight off my shoulders. I have been battling with this decision for almost a year. It has been very much a spiritual battle. I have feuded with my flesh, my fear, and my God's direction for our family. I have tried to deny that this is what God wanted for our family. I am ashamed to admit that God had to get my attention through situations with my children. I have at times battled my desire to be obedient and my fear of other's reactions. I have had to confront attitudes within myself that I thought were long gone. I have grown. Notice that for the majority of this post I've dealt with "my issues" this is because Terry had none; he has always been very supportive of this idea. So, am I excited, I nervous, YES! This is such an important task I'm giving myself, or that God is entrusting me with. This is my children's education. How long will we homeschool? I'm not sure; they will at sometime re-enter traditional school, possibly for high-school but that's many years down the road. I want to make a note here; we came to this decision NOT because we didn't like our experience at AES. I love that school; our family had great times there. This decision is ONLY because God called us to do it.

So, sometime around mid to end July (still working on my schedule!) my two oldest babies and myself will march up these steps to begin an exciting new chapter of our lives. I now can see why God chose to grow me in the areas He has this past year. Without that growth I would NEVER be able to accomplish this task. I can see that each step brought me here; and I can assure you that I NEVER thought this is where I'd end up.

"The heart of man plans his way; but the lord establishes his steps" Proverbs 16:9


  1. Just remember NOT TO STRESS OUT! Figure out what works for you and the kids and go with it!

  2. So excited for you Kirstie!! It is going to be better than you ever imagined! I just know it.
    love christy