Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wild Weekend...Part 2

I read a great gal's blog, (you can read hers HERE) and she always does posts in parts, and I've always wanted to do it too!

I love the fact that our children have grown up with FOM in the background of their lives. For those who may not know, this is a bass fishing organization that Terry is heavily involved in. Technically it's called, Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail. As the name implies, we are as interested in reaching these fishermen with the gospel as well as putting on great fishing tournaments. I find it ironic that "I" know so much about bass fishing, or rather the tournament side of it, but Terry has been involved with them for 10 years. Our children have grown up going to tournaments and tournament meetings. We have had the privilege of meeting and being involved with hundreds of great people!

The other part of our wild weekend revolved around the FOM Legacy National Tourney. The Legacy division of FOM is the Adult/Junior division. This is where an adult and a child up to 18 can fish in two tournaments a year, and also compete in the national tourney with a chance to win a Skeeter boat (trust me this is a big deal!). These tournaments are held all over the southern US, and have also been lots of fun to go to. This one was held in Florence, AL. Although it was HOT, I mean blistering, we had fun!

Don't let her fool you...even she loves tournaments!! And yes this is my only picture of her because she found a friend and I hardly saw her anymore that day!

Future Legacy Fishermen!

He was so tired!

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  1. Hey! If you love to read or not that book I was talking about is so stinking good! But her bog is also pretty intense and will stop u in your tracks in terms of finding joy...thanks for the blog compliment...post in parts is the only way I remember to journal stuff on here :)