Monday, July 11, 2011

Wild Weekend...Part 1!

Recently we had a crazy weekend but it was so much fun. From the first moment Jackson found out about Cars 2, he made me promise that we could go the first night it came out and that we could go with Eli. Well I thought how hard is that to big deal right? Well, actually it was a bit more complicated. As it turned out the premier of Cars 2 coinsided with the FOMNTT Legacy National Tournament held this year in Florence, Al. So, what's a Mom who made a promise to do...keep it of course! We headed out on Thursday to Florence to go to the tournament meeting and Friday the boys went to the tourney, on Friday night we went to Corinth to meet everyone at Pizze Inn then to the movie. Afterward we drove back to Florence for the tourney on Sat. Yes it was crazy and yes we were tired! But it was so much fun keeping my promise!

Such a movie just screams matching shirts!

A little pre-movie pizza....what you can't see it the other 18 people who joined us!

Oh Anna!

Jack didn't want this's his fault he will forever be remembered like this...I told him to smile!

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