Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Midnight What are You Doing?

The answer to that, for me, varies from time to time, and could include anything from sleeping (which is I know what normal people do), reading (which is most likely the case!), or watching TV. Yet, this past Friday was an off night for me. I normally have absolutely no trouble falling asleep but this night I did. Terry, bless his poor heart, was exhausted and was out like a light. The kids, thankfully, were all asleep. So, what's a girl to do at midnight wide awake? Well, rearrange her living room of course. I LOVE to rearrange my living room; I know that most people don't do this, most people find an arrangement that suits them and has no problems with it staying like that forever. Me, I can't stand it; it's almost like claustrophobia for me, to have to keep my living/dinning room exactly the same way day in day out. I suppose it comes from growing up with a mom who did the same thing. Our living room at home never stayed the same, and as a child I would always rearrange my bedroom. I think it makes everything look new again, and is a way to keep your furniture fresh and exciting. It also helps get rid of the dust bunnies that collect under the couches and chairs! So, there you have it on midnight July 15, 2011, or would that be July 16, 2011, I was rearranging our living room. On a side note, when Terry left for work the next morning, he never even noticed!!

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