Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mr. Determination

One of the best things about being a parent is watching the personalities of your children blossom.  Watching them develop those little parts of themselves that make them who they are. When you first look at your sweet babies face in the hospital you really have no idea the people they will become. It's so exciting, and really a gift from God, that you can see it developing. Avery is four; and it's a great age for this. He is constantly surprising us, this little boy we see blossoming from the baby he has been. One of his personality quirks that I love most about him is his determination: both in what he will do and how he will do it. You almost cannot convince him to do something he doesn't want to do. Here I'm not really talking about discipline issues with Avery there's not a whole lot of those. What I'm really talking about is...everything else!! For example, last year he absolutly would not get in the pool, no way no how, no matter how much we tried to convince him, no matter how many times we tried to hold him in the pool; he refused to get in. So, he spent last summer playing on the deck and was happy to do so. This year however was a different story. From our first swim he tells us he is going to get in the pool, and he does. Then several weeks later he tells us he's ready to jump, and he does, right in the pool. I love this about Avery once he is determined to do something he does; he is commited. Yet, at the same time you can't get him to commit to something he is not ready to do. I can imagine that this will be a great personality trait as he gets older...even if it's a little bit frustrating for us!

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