Monday, January 14, 2013

Thank You, Pinterest...

Thanks to Pinterest, that fun place we all love to go when we are bored, I have found the best website. I love it. I read it daily. I have learned things from it, and I have taken advice from it. I am pleased with everything I have purchased as a result of something I read on her site; not to mention that everything she talks about can be found at drugstores all over America. It's the best. If you're interested you can find a link to her site HERE. You certainly won't be sorry that you did.  Did I mention that her claim to fame is experimenting with drugstore cosmetics, finding how they rate when compared to high-end cosmetics, and giving us inexpensive but high-quality choices? Here are just some examples of things I have purchased and love...all in all I've spent less than $20.

I loved this...and I would still be using it if I hadn't accidentally flushed the powder down the toilet. I will be replacing it ASAP. 

Longest wearing lip gloss I've ever used, ever.

This really works. I admit I was skeptical, I mean it only cost $1.72 could it really work? but yep, it can, and it does! Love this look!

All of the above cost around $12...not to mention the lip gloss had a coupon on it (thought you would appreciate that JM!)

Fun fact: The mascara I just wrote about last week just so happens to be one of her favs! Great minds think alike I guess. Did I mention she has my dream job??

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