Wednesday, January 02, 2013

in the dark...

January and February can be the kiss of death to a home schooling Mom, or at least to this one. The newness of summer is long gone, and the excitement of December have left you both tired and deflated; the spring renewal seems so far in the distance you can't even see it. Everyone is stuck in the house together because it's just too cold to leave. This is January and February in homeschooling...or my experience anyway. In an effort to combat this phenomenon, I took some advice I read earlier this year. This advice was to start something new: a new curriculum, a new book, a new subject. Anything, just something to revive the excitement of a "new" year. One of the new things I have planned (I'll blog about the others soon!) is a character class. In my planning for this class I read this quote..“Character is what you are in the dark.” -Dwight L. Moody. I can't stop thinking about it actually. Who are we in the dark? Who are we really that we would NEVER let anyone see? Yet, that tells us who we really are. It's a sobering thought to be reminded of as we start this new year!

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