Monday, June 13, 2011

What I Want vs. What I Have...and What Makes it Better...

I love Terry, I mean I really, really, love him...good thing right! If I tried to list all the reasons why I loved him you guys would be bored! So, I'll just list the reasons that have to do with this blog post...I love him because he really doesn't care how "girly" I am. He doesn't care how many purses I buy, or how many shoes I own, or how much jewelry I collect. Really doesn't care...BUT...and it's a pretty big BUT to me! He absolutely refuses to be OK with my wearing fake finger nails. And since he's so good about every other thing I feel bad about making a big fuss about this one little issue. So, I suffer in silence. While I dream about beautiful long perfect french manicured nails, the reality is far from that. However, I have found something that makes my suffering much easier. So, I thought I'd share it with all the other girly girls out there!

Yep, Sally Hansen, been around forever, but works like nothing I've ever seen before. I'm on day 4 and not a chip in sight. So, if you want a salon like manicure without going to the salon pick up a bottle of this for about $4.65...and Sarah, it really does dry in 10 seconds!!

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