Thursday, June 09, 2011

Passing on the Love...

Recently Terry took on the task of helping coach Jackson's 7 & 8 Year old baseball team. It was an interesting experience but I believe it accomplished his goal. He told me a story of a former coach he had in little league. This coach didn't have the most wins; in fact they lost quiet a bit. Yet, what this coach was most successful at was making baseball fun and that in turn resulted in a great love of the game in Terry that is still there today. Terry coached Jackson's team in the hope that he could pass on his love of this game to other young boys! Sad to say but this isn't the focus of many kid's baseball coaches today; it's all about the win. However, as I watched from the sidelines I think he was successful. I know for sure he was successful with his sons because they went from sort of wanting to play to absolutely loving it!!

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