Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Christmas Decorating Schedule...Yay!

I'm satisfied that I'm one of the only person in America who does this. I know very few people who actually do what I do. I've asked myslef many times if this is normal and my answer...I don't care. I LOVE Christmas; I just get excited thinking about it. I plan where I will put trees; I change things up, and some I leave exactly the same year after year. Yes, there are some decorations that must absolutly stay in the same place, year after year. So, tonight I made this...

It's my Christmas Decorating Schedule. Yep...you read that right. On somethings I can be absolutely organized about, and with school it was even more important that I be scheduled. The fact that it's all scrapbooked and stickered can be attributed to the fact that we have no ink in our printer!!

So is anyone else like this??

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  1. OK, I'm impressed!!! Wish I were as organized as you!!!