Friday, March 18, 2011

Random Randomness...

Well I decided to copy Jenn (read hers here) who copied Sarah (read hers here) and just name some random events in my day, an average Friday. Well I really want to do my floors, and I so hope I get to it. I MUST fold the clothes that are on my bed...unfortunatly, there will be at least two loads of whites! I have to take my Mom to her hair appointment because she can't drive yet, so this will take up at least two hours of my afternoon! I'm hoping to hit the used book store, and dollar world, but first I must do the banking! I'm cooking tonight...always interesting because hoping for a quick trip to Jackson tomorrow afternoon! Also, did I mention that sometime this weekend I have to organize our remaning cirrucullum to see if we will be able to take at least a small spring break!! I really, really, can't tell you how much I want one of those!!

Well there is the random, randomness of my average Friday! Oh yes! We did do school and I took a run!


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